Understanding Motivation Helps Attract and Retain Top Talent

07 Oct

Understanding Motivation Helps Attract and Retain Top Talent

Most employers say their employees matter. And most of these employers truly believe so. But as French author Pierre Reverdy said, "There is no love, there are only proofs of love" and this is what makes Alter Domus different.

The importance we place on our people is shown by more than words. A true family spirit is what Alter Domus is proud to have established throughout the years.

Aidan Connolly, Chief Executive Officer of the Alter Domus Group explains, “We’ve just recently gone through a period of tremendous growth and expansion, and it’s not yet over. As we acquire new businesses and expand our presence around the world, it’s critical that we align our corporate culture and values to these growth ambitions.”

“We understand that the satisfaction of our customers is wholly dependent on the expertise, commitment and skills of our people.  We therefore place great importance on the recruitment and retention of our employees, and thus aim to provide them with more than just a job. We must ensure that we’re delivering benefits and opportunities in the manner and to the degree that the local talent market expects. This is why it’s critical that our regional human resources heads are well-versed in the intricacies of their local markets.”


In North America, most employees are looking for increased responsibility and the possibility to directly impact the overall business’s performance.

According to Meg Doyle, Head of HR North America, “We provide the opportunity to work for a relationship-focused company with personal access to our clients. We also make it easy for people of all levels to reach and share their ideas with our leadership teams, giving them a direct influence on how we work.”

This focus is closely connected to the great opportunities staff have for internal advancement. In 2018, for example, nearly 20% of our people in the US were promoted.

“Even beyond satisfaction on the job,” Meg explains, “we understand that our people also want to be able to have fun together, and so we offer a wide array of social opportunities to suit all tastes, from a book club and team sports to Friday beers and weekly social hours.”


In the EMEA region, which is more mature in terms of employment in the Financial Industry, we are noticing that most candidates seek the best possible combination of achieving their career ambitions and maintaining a high quality of life.

As work life balance is very highly regarded in the region, it has in fact become a key differentiator when attracting and retaining new talent. While rewarding seniority and tenure are a given, employers are aiming to provide a wider range of non-financial benefits including part-time opportunities, flexible working hours and mobility schemes.

Albane Millot, Head of HR EMEA reveals, “Along with the standard package available in the industry, we also provide comprehensive personal development opportunities, including critical soft-skills trainings in areas like mindfulness and leadership. Our ongoing investment in our people has long been a key differentiator.”

Clotilde Parisis, Head of HR Luxembourg adds, “Interestingly enough, we’ve seen an increasing number of our colleagues in the region increasing their family members’ involvement in their own career choices. It’s become more than a personal choice.” Clearly while ambition remains a constant, employees in the EMEA region are after more than just a job.


Across the Asia-Pacific region, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by stripping out the politics and bureaucracy that are so common among large employers.

Instead, we have created an open and flexible working environment, based on a close-knit corporate culture. Our leadership in the region is more coaching-based than directional, with senior staff sitting amongst their teams.

Dawn Sim, Head of HR Asia-Pacific explains, “Even our Country Executives are happy to share information about the company and recent deals. As a result, there are no information silos and colleagues are comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas.”

Teammates are also encouraged to socialize, both within and between offices, which fosters collaboration. Beginning in January 2020, we’ll also be offering flexible benefits packages, enabling people to choose the exact balance that is best for them and their families. Together with opportunities for international mobility, all these factors help us retain talent in the highly competitive Asia-Pacific market.


We know that our work on company culture has a trickle-down effect, positively influencing our colleagues, our company, and our clients too. 

HR Figures





Employees 2,392 555 1,507 330
Gender split M 50% / F 50% M 66% / F 34% M 53% / F 47% M 31% / F 69%
Average age 33 33.4 33.5 30
Hires over past 12 months 1,425 214 1,014 197
Open positions 151 34 98 19

We continue to refine and adapt our approach to the ever-changing needs of our multi-generational workforce across multiple geographies. In doing so, we’re working to solidify ourselves as a truly people-centric people leader.

Sandra Legrand, Country Executive Luxembourg, explains, “While technological development is an important factor in remaining competitive, our services are above all about human capabilities and relationships. We really believe in rewarding our people in non-traditional ways, and I think the 15th anniversary celebration is a shining example of that.”

According to Joanne Ferris, Chief Human Resources Officer, “We’re an organization with a multi-generational and diverse workforce. We’ve learned how to adapt our strategy to the unique cultural and diversity compositions of each local team, and we believe this makes all the difference.”

With even greater growth and expansion on the horizon, Alter Domus’ HR teams are committed to meeting the needs of each region’s talent market, thus recognizing each individual as unique both in terms of their talent, as well as their motivations.

For a list of all of our current job openings, please visit our careers page.


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